Our well created program allows achieving quick and quality results of stocktaking whiles controlling our recourses. Thanks to our program we can guarantee success by reducing human inaccuracy achieving precision calculation.
By modernising our control system we can administrate staff working time and other recourses as well as reducing the level of expenses, therefore we are able to offer you the best price of our service.

STOKCHEK uses and works with the newest technique for carrying out the stock take. The main principle of our work is to offer our customer the most operative way which is affected by the newest modern technology.

STOKCHEK worked out special programs how to carry out stocktaking by demands from various customers.

STOKCHEK – Checking

Our well created program allows us to check the results whiles or right after stocktaking as well as it saves time since we are carrying it out in the quickest way.
We do understand that the main success of the effective work is human recourses. Therefore STOKCHEK uses special modern technology to attract the best workers and motivate them. Our personnel training centre carries out special training and testing for our staff.