at warehouse

There is a difference between the stocktaking in warehouse and shopping store. The main difference is that the stock in the warehouse is more difficult to reach, therefore that makes it more complicated to recognize and count it. Our top-line technology we use in the warehouse stocktaking will allow carrying out the count of remainder and introducing the exact results.

Retail stocktaking

We do stocktaking in quick and qualitative way at any suitable timing for our customer. Priority in our service is a special technology use, which allows achieve exact and quick results whiles doing the stocktaking.

Whiles doing the inventory we let our customer to check the quality of our work, meanwhile special program will allow to compare and if necessary check the results of the inventory using the records form the stock take.

The technology that we use allows us to operate up to the maximum and effectively with our time and resources to ensure that we provide our customer with the best price and quality service.

Hiring extra staff

There are many situations when there is a need to hire extra staff for a certain period of time. For example, if the store is in a need of more temporary staff while receiving the stock, or selling it, as well as in the moments when the store receives a grand odder from a client or gets it to manufacture. It may happen that we are short of staff because of their sickness. Thanks to our wide recourses of staff we can support and provide you with the temporary staff for a certain period of time and solve the temporal difficulties.