IT support centre

organizes the technical support and provides a 24 hours assistance of any problem arises.

STOKCHEK development centre

follows up to the date with the newest technologies to offer customers modern solutions in stocktaking.
STOKCHEK is an international holding which includes companies offering stocktaking service all over the Europe. STOKCHEK guarantees you a quality service up to the date in each country where it holds its branches by using the unique technology of doing stocktaking.

The companies STOKCHEK conjoins alike services:
  • IT support centre
  • STOKCHEK development centre
  • STOKCHEK staff training centre
  • STOKCHEK quality control centre
  • STOKCHEK international clients centre
STOKCHEK uses its resources effectively and up to the maximum to provide with the top service within the best price.

STOKCHEK staff training centre

trains, educates and prepares the staff in the shortest period of time.

STOKCHEK quality control centre

the specialists of our company are following and controlling that the results of our work are always in the best quality.

STOKCHEK international clients centre

helps the customer from different countries to achieve the best conditions by interacting with us.